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Toric Contact Lenses: A Great Way To Correct Astigmatism

Have you considered contact lenses as a method of correcting astigmatism? The cornea of a normally sighted person is spherical, but the cornea of an eye with astigmatism is more elliptical. This seemingly small feature actually changes how light hits the retina, and results in blurred vision.

Toric contact lenses are used to rectify astigmatism. What separates these from regular contact lenses is the design. Consider them almost like the bifocals of contact lenses; they contain one power to fix your myopia or hyperopia and another for your astigmatism. They have curvatures at different angles. Compared with regular lenses, which can easily move around on your eye and have no effect on your vision, toric lenses must stay in place. However, lenses for astigmatism are cleverly designed with this issue in mind, and they are weighted slightly at the bottom, which helps them stay in place.

Toric lenses come as soft disposable contact lenses, daily disposable lenses, and frequent replacement lenses. Toric lenses are also available as color contact lenses, and as multifocal lenses. Hard contact lenses are made from a tougher material that remains in form even when you blink, and sometimes give better vision than other lenses. But the disadvantage is that they are often less comfortable. There's a contact lens which perfectly suits your needs, and together, we'll help you find it.

Toric lens fittings often take longer than normal lens fittings. This is because it's a more complex product, and we want to make sure you're fitted just right. This all might seem like a bit of effort, but it's well worth the end result; getting treated, glasses-free. Getting the best product for you will only improve your vision, and thus your everyday life.

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